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Free Consultation

Time is of the essence in criminal cases. Getting in touch with the State Attorney prior to filing charges is often the best course of action. Contact us for a free consultation as soon as you are aware of the possibility of criminal charges so we can protect your rights from the start.


    When should I call a criminal defense lawyer?

    Criminal charges can arise in a variety of scenarios. Sometimes the police or State Attorney’s Office initiate an investigation long before any arrest is made or warrant is issued. In other cases, an arrest is made during or immediately after the crime is allegedly committed. Regardless of the scenario, it is important that you begin protecting your rights and defending yourself as early in the process as possible. It is best to call a criminal defense attorney as soon as you learn about the possibility that a criminal charge is being filed against you.

    What if there is a warrant for my arrest?

    The first and most important thing to do is to remain calm and do not panic. Gather all the information you have pertaining to the warrant (such as a copy of the warrant itself, information regarding the alleged crime, facts and circumstances relating to your involvement in the crime), and contact a criminal defense attorney before you contact the police. Do not contact anyone else involved in the crime, such as an alleged victim or a co-defendant or co-conspirator. You may have to turn yourself in, but it is important to understand the situation by talking to a criminal defense attorney before doing so.

    How long has Reed Palacios Law been in business?

    Colleen and Victor formed their firm in January 2023, but have been practicing together as colleagues and as opposing counsel since 2013. For several years, Victor ran the Middle Keys Public Defender’s Office, while Colleen ran the Middle Keys State Attorney’s office. They had countless motions, depositions and trials as opposing counsel. Later, they became colleagues at the Office of Regional Counsel and frequently consulted over private criminal cases as private practitioners. Victor and Colleen realized they made an effective team and that they could best represent clients across the Keys by joining together as Reed Palacios Law.

    Do I need to come into your office to meet in person?

    No, Colleen and Victor pride themselves on their flexibility and ability to manage a case, no matter when or how it comes to their attention. We are happy to meet in person when it is requested and necessary, but a phone call is all we need to get started. If a case proceeds to a substantive motion or trial, meeting often helps, but if a client is out of town or unable to meet – that does not stop us from effective representation.

    Do you charge for consultations?

    No, we are happy to talk to you about your case so that we can understand what is going on, and to provide you an understanding of the process and the fees that will be charged. When you first call, you will likely speak to our administrative assistant, who will gather as much information as possible to pass on to the attorney. She will then schedule an appointment for a phone call or a meeting as soon as possible with Victor or Colleen, who will review the information provided to.

    What will representation cost?

    As we always say, it depends. It depends on the seriousness of the case, the facts involved, the witnesses involved, and so on. It is hard to predict how much time a case will require, so after speaking to you about the facts and reviewing the charges and any other information, the attorneys at Reed Palacios Law will provide fee information. If you elect to move forward, Reed Palacios Law will provide a retainer agreement with fee and payment requirements and can begin fighting for your rights.